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Ultrasonic Rail Testers Range

Ultrasonic Rail Testers

Ultrasonic Vehicular Testing

Representatives of M/s Paras Electronics, Hyderabad which is providing Vehicular Ultrasonic Testing Services for Indian Railways

Ultrasonic Double Rail Testers


  • Conforms to RDSO specification (M&C/NDT/130 & 128)
  • Fully Digital, State of Art Technology
  • High speed digitizer for faithful reproduction of Ultrasonic waveforms. 
  • Direct calibration using Numeric values apart from echo display calibration 
  • Menu driven user friendly operation
  • Accommodates complete system, probes connectors and battery. No separate Control Box / Junction box. 
  • Unit size:250x180x135 mm 
  • Weight: Unit-Approx-3.0 Kg
  • Overall weight with Battery, w/o Water: DRT <70 Kg SRT<21.5Kg 
  • Battery operation for 8 hours.

Ultrasonic Single Rail Testers


  • Distance measurement up to 9999 meters with 1 meter resolution
  • Distance resettable at Km/TP as per operator choice. 
  • Automatic Forward/Reverse distance counting. 
  • A-Scan Data Logging – Single Channel A-Scan or Single Channel Envelope freeze.  
  • Operator Entries of Defect details recording along with Envelope, Printable from PC. 
  • TROLLEY - Light Weight, sturdy design.
  • Independent Probe alignment
  • Automatic Gauge tracking for DRT. 
  • Metallic Water tanks, 20 litres Each (DRT). 
  • Same type of probes for SRT &DRT. 
  • Easy, balanced movement on track.

Ultrasonic Weld Testers


  • Large DISPLAY-LCD/TFT (132×102 mm), High Brightness LCD-TFT display. 
  • Easy Identification of defect detecting Probe.  
  • Monitor Gates – Independent Gates for each probe. 
  • Gate position, width and Threshold indicated on screen by separate color line.