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Prod Type MPI Equipment

Prod Type MPI Equipment


We representĀ M/s Electro-MagfieldĀ Controls & Services, Chennai in supplying Portable Magnetic Crack Detectors. These are portable in nature. These units are self-contained and are housed in rugged aluminium and steel cases magnetizing cables, in a wide selection of lengths and prod assemblies are available separately. Controls, indicators, either end output terminals or the remote control plug-in receptacle are located on the front panel for maximum visibility and convenience. The current control is in steps. But at extra cost at customer's option stateless current control with built in automatic demagnetizing facilities can be incorporated. The ammeters show the true magnetizing current in either the A.C or H.W.D.C Mode operation


  • The FD portable magnetic particle test units provide an economical, convenient way to inspect wide range of parts for surface and near surface defects. These compact devices supply either Alternating Current or Half-Wave D.C Current outputs. Used in conjunction with magnetic particles, both circular and longitudinal surface and near surface irregularities may be quickly detected. After inspection, the parts can be demagnetized
  • The model FD-1000 Series operates on 220 Volts, 1 Phase, & 50 Hz are Portable Series. The rated outputs (through a part of 3/5 Meter long cables and prods) makes the units suitable for heavy-duty services in weld inspection application during fabrication or repair as well as for maintenance inspection of machinery and equipment


  • These units supply both Alternating current and Half-Wave Direct Current. Either dry or wet magnetic particles are used as indicator
  • Operation in A.C mode offers maximum sensitivity and speed in locating surface defects. A.C. operation minimizes background interference, permitting better signal interpretation and thereby, increased defect identification sensitivity