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Tatva Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

MPI Equipment Horizontal Stationery

Type of Units Longest Parts Accommodations All measurements are in inches. Maximum Current Output Amperes A.C optional H.W.D.C. Current
Maximum D.C.Flux Longitudinal Magnetization Magnetic
lnk Tank Capacity.
UFA 242/181P 24/18 1000amps Stepless 10 KAT 25 Ltrs
UFA 242/182 24/18 2000amps Stepless 15 KAT 25 Ltrs
UFA 402 40 2000amps Stepless 20 KAT 30 Ltrs
UFA 403 40 3000amps Stepless 30KAT 30 Ltrs
UFA 603 60 3000amps Stepless 30 KAT 30 Ltrs
UFA 604 60 4000amps Stepless 30 KAT 30 Ltrs
UFA 605 60 5000amps Stepless 40 KAT 30 Ltrs
UFA 606 60 6000amps Stepless 40 KAT 30 Ltrs

Separate De-Magnefizers have to be purchased with all UFA or UFHD series, for demagnetizing the components.
But at extra cost De-Magnetization facility can be incorporated.

NOTE: We also manufacture different bedlengths ranging from 300 mm to 3meters delivering .1000 amperes to 12000 amperes. Special units with larger bed lengih. output current. A.C. H.W.D.C., F.WD.C. etc. are also available with full automation or semi-automatic system.

An audio-video signal can be in-co-operated with this unit as an alarm warning to the operator for the flow of current through the component. All of extra cost.


standard accessories and optional accessories are available io make UFA & UFHD units more effective and convenient for inspection of o wide variety of components. Details and prices on request.

Meets Both National & lnternational standards