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MPI Accessories Range

MPI Accessories

Magnetic Field Indicator


Made in conformation with ASTM Standard, Magnetic Field Indicator that we offer is an effective gadget to set the current parameters essential for testing a component. Magnetic Field Indicator quickly indicates the current’s adequacy and direction passing through the component. This indicator is offered with a Test Certificate. Moreover, the Magnetic Field Indicator, we offer, comes packaged in a box

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Residual Field Indicator


Residual Field Indicator is highly useful for checking the demagnetization level of the particular component being demagnetized. Residual Field Indicator provided by us is available with a test certificate and packaged in a box.

Copper Mesh Pads


The wide array of our Copper Mesh Pads is widely demanded in the market, for its perfect make and anti-corrosive features. The Copper Mesh Pads, offered by us ensure the highly flexible and conductive surfaces. We use sheets of electrolytic grade and soft Copper braids in the making of Copper Mesh Pads.

Other Accessories

  • Ketos Test Ring
  • BHEL Test Block
  • ASTM Test Block
  • Centrifuge Tube (Fluorescent / Non Fluorescent)
  • Calibrated Weight Lift Test Plate for Yoke – 4.5/5 Kg.
  • Calibrated Weight Lift Test Plate for Yoke – 18.5/20 Kg.
  • Digital UV Intensity Meter
  • Digital Lux Meter
  • Puffer Bulb / Dry Powder Applicator