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Einstein-II DGS

Einstein-II DGS

Einstein II DGS

Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Einstein II DGS – Salient Features

  • Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, with colour display for excellent visibility
  • Auto DAC plotting with Minimum 2 and Maximum 10 points
  • Digital thickness / distance measurements, trigonometric measurements of depth and surface distance in weld inspection
  • Memory of 200 A-Scan images and 50 set-up data, RS 232 for PC connectivity with transfer software
  • On-Board DGS/AVG and AWS D1.1 Software for defect evaluation
  • ‘Video Signal’ Output for connection to a TV and recording device
  • Peak Freeze to detect maximum Echo height (Echo Dynamic
  • Smooth parabolic DAC curves
  • Selection of Metric or British Unit
  • TCG (Time Controlled Gain) which compensates for amplitude decay with distance
  • Dynamic DAC curves which allow change of Test Range and Gain after plotting them
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