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Bench Type MPI Equipment Range

Bench Type MPI Equipment

Magnetic Crack Detectors


The Magnetic Crack Detectors are of Current & Coil Type. The jobs are to be tested by magnetizing by passing a heavy current through it or by making it the core of a coil through which a heavy current is passed. Cracks or inclusions cause the magnetic flux to break the surface forming free magnetic poles. When the component is sprayed with a suspension of finely divided magnetic particles they collect at the free poles to visibly show the presence of defects. We represent M/s Electro-Magfield Controls & Services, Chennai in supplying these magnetic crack detector series taking care of the customer's full requirement and satisfaction.

Bar Crack Detectors


We offer magnetic crack detectors also known as Bar Crack Detectors which helps one to detect cracks in metals and metal products thus ensuring quality.
These magnetic or bar crack detectors have the following advantages:

  • Saves waste of labour and machine time on a defective raw material
  • Pinpoints, which operation causes problem and can establish process system
  • Ensure product reliability
  • Avoid rejection at customer's site and transportation charges
  • Customer satisfaction and company's goodwill stands good
  • Reduction in material cost
  • Finds all surface and near surface cracks and other similar discontinuities in any ferro-magnetic materials